The Pumpkin Patch

…Since 1978

Our Staff

Our family of clerks have logged a cumulative 93 years of helping customers at The Pumpkin Patch.  Each can provide knowledgeable help or you can simply browse at your leisure.

Our Policies

  •   Free Gift Wrapping on Any Purchase
  •   Friendly Returns
  •   Prompt shipping
  •   Courteous Help

We are…


Emily is the shopkeeper and principle buyer for The Pumpkin Patch.  She is a former speech pathologist.


Susan, the store manager, is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a masters in education.

Alan Stock-boy, secretary and occasional clerk Retired physician

Alan, a retired OB-GYN, serves as stock-boy, bookkeeper, and occasional clerk.


Becky ,our longest-serving clerk, has a masters in education and worked for several years in the Ames school district’s Talented and Gifted Program.

.Judy Amfahr pic

Judy, a life-long teacher, has been working at The Pumpkin Patch since her retirement 16 years ago.

Karen pic

Karen T, like Emily, is a former Speech Pathologist whose expertise with books, toys, and clothing is matched only by her smile.







Sarah. a third generation “Pumpkin Patcher”, brings youth and a beautiful smile to our store.

Karen H.






Karen H has been a community volunteer for over 20 years and has only recently joined The Pumpkin Patch family.  Welcome Karen!