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Saturday Morning Fun!!

Henry's Helpers  10 - 11       Tut Time  11 - movie's end 

Henry's Helpers
We know many of you and your children have enjoyed reading time with Henry's Helpers on Saturday mornings.  That will continue throughout the year, always at 10 AM.

Tut Time

Now let us tell you about 'Tut Time'.  As you may know we lost a dear member of The Pumpkin Patch family, Karen Tuttle, on January 9 of this year.  In her honor we'll be showing a movie upstairs at The Pumpkin Patch every Saturday starting at 11AM. Each movie will be G-rated and the title will be included on our Facebook and Instagram sites during the preceding week.   The children (and adults) will be chaperoned to ensure good behavior.
We would ask, however, that you remind your child to use movie manners and for you to leave a phone # in the event of any misadventures.  Thank you and enjoy the movie...


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